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Behavioural problems can be anything from resource guarding, frustration, destructive behaviour to over excited jumping or struggling to settle at home. These behaviours can be caused by all kinds of emotions and triggers and it’s important to get to the route of the behaviour so we can devise the best training plan. 


The training plans will be a combination of management and training techniques to ensure the dog is set up for success. You will be walked through the recommenced training and management and we can discuss and go through any questions you may have.


Use the contact form here to get started and book a call.



Use the contact form here to get started and book a call.

The initial behaviour package will provide you with a realistic and practical advice on how to begin your behaviour training journey with your pup. Things we will cover are:
- Your dog as an individual and their needs.
- Practical management solutions.
- Skills to success
- Any extra recommendations


This package involves a 1.5 hour in person consultation which is followed by a behaviour report and supporting handout, and then 2 x 1 hour follow up sessions. Should you feel you’d like more check ins once the package is complete then you can book top up sessions whenever you need them! 

  • Full behavioural write up report

  • Unlimited support via text message, please share your wins no matter how small.

  • 1 x 1.5 hour initial one to one consultation

  • 2 x 1 hour one to one sessions

  • Resources and handouts of what training techniques were used 

  • Optional Zoom check ins at a discounted rate.


Top up sessions can be booked anytime after the initial package has been completed. At the end of our final session we will discuss if more sessions are recommended. Top up sessions are £50 and are pay as you go.


If you’ve completed a behaviour package with North Paws Leeds you can book a top up session here.


​Q: Where are the sessions based?

A: Depends on your issue, these session could take place at your home, via zoom, somewhere local to you, or at an enclosed dog park. I will discuss this with you when you book and advise where is best.


Q: Why do you only have one package option?
A: I only offer one package option because every dog and guardian team is different. Some teams may only need the minimum sessions for more complex behaviours but some teams may need several sessions for other behaviours. By having a basic package and then a top up options we can tailor the amount of sessions each team needs completely to them and you don’t need to purchase more sessions than you need!


Q: How does the process work?

A: Please use the intake form below and book a free 15 minute discovery,
we’ll then arrange your 1.5 hour consultation. 


Q: What areas do you cover?

A: Any Leeds (LS) postcode.

Q: Do I have to book the behaviour package? 

A: For the majority of behavioural concerns I do recommend you book a package. 

Q: What if you can't help me?

A: If you have a concern that I feel I am not best suited to help with
I am more than happy to refer you on to a more suited professional. 

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