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My name is Maddie Hartley, I am a passionate force free dog behaviourist and dog trainer based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. I have experience with a variety of dog breeds and I have specialised in helping dogs overcome separation anxiety.

I began my career with dogs in January 2020 when I started North Paws as a dog walking business. Over that time I got to know all sorts of dog breeds of a variety of ages and backgrounds, I got to know their individual personalities and what motivates them as individuals. Alongside this I have been studying a Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Canine Behavioural Management with Compass Education, I have also completed several canine courses on rescue dogs, canine reactivity, resource guarding, puppy care, canine body language and separation anxiety as well as many others. 


I got my own rescue dog, Lemonade, in October 2019 and together with have learnt to overcome and manage several behavioural issues that Lemonade struggled with. We took up Canicross together and love our trick training and canine parkour work, and I strive to make Lemonade’s life as stress free and happy as possible which is what I hope to pass on to my clients dogs.

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Lemonade is a 2 year old mixed breed, she was originally born in Macedonia and came to us at 6 months old. She was rescued from a dump site at 3 months old and was lucky enough to be fostered by some amazing people who took great care of her. Now she is a happy, energetic dog who still gets mistaken for a puppy, she loves her hikes and running. She is an avid canicross runner, loves to dig, bark at squirrels and zoom around the park. She has overcome separation anxiety, excelled in everyones expectations of being able to go off lead and is working hard on her resource guarding.

She recently earn’t her Novice Trick Title with Do More With Your Dog, and is working towards her beginners Parkour Title and Intermediate Trick Dog Title.

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