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One Hour Solo Walk - £17

Half Hour Solo Walk - £14


Solo walks are specifically for dogs who struggle with a group environment and
would prefer one to one time. Your dog could be reactive, overly boisterous with play or
just prefer human company. It’s my job to make your dogs walk as enjoyable as possible,
that’s why we walk in quiet areas, play lots of games and learn new things all while earning
lots of tasty treats! 


I have lots of experience walking over excitable and reactive dogs but to ensure we all
stay safe on our walk please be honest about any triggers your dog has (even if you feel
it may not be relevant!). 


I only use positive reinforcement and force free methods when walking, this means
your dog gets the most out of their walks and enjoys every minute of it. 


You can contact me here to book a free meet and greet or phone call.
A meet and greet must be completed before walking begins. 

  • One hour plus travel time, so please allow up to
    1 hour 20 minutes for the walk.

  • All treats and poo bags included, if your dog has an allergies please
    make that clear at the meet and greet I am more than happy
    accommodate dogs with different dietary needs.

  • Any toys used in training. I have a box full of all sorts of toys that we
    may use during our walk, if I find your dog absolutely loves something
    I'll be sure to let you know.

  • Basic advice and feedback, if you have any questions regarding your
    dogs behaviour please just ask. I am happy to direct you to the correct
    resources or services to help you.

  • Updates! This might include a text, photo or videos, keep an eye on our
    social media for what your dog has been up to!


Q: Where are the walks?

A: We go to a variety of places including Hunger Hills, Esholt Woods, Adel Woods and Eccup. I always take your dog somewhere that is best for them, I scout out quiet routes and paths to ensure your dog gets the best walk possible. If there is somewhere your
dog is particularly relaxed or particularly stressed please let me know.


Q: I have two dogs, can you walk both?

A: Unfortunately due to safety solo dog walks must be walked individually.
If you’d like them both walked one could be walked after the other. 


Q: Will my dog be let off the lead?

A: For safety reasons dogs who are reactive or overly boisterous will not be let off lead but there may be opportunities for them to go on the long line. Don’t worry our on lead walks are super exciting we cover a lot of ground and provide a lot of mental stimulation. 


Q: I’d like my dog to be trained as well. 

A: No problem! If you book a free discovery call or discuss this with me at the meet and greet we can also arrange some one to one behaviour sessions with you present.


Q: I’m worried about my dog going out with a dog walker!

A: Thats completely normal, rest assured I have plenty of experience with a variety
of breeds of all shapes and sizes. I’m more than happy to go for a trial walk with
you so you can see how I handle your dog. 


Q: Do I need to book regularly?

A: Yes, to stay on North Paws books you must book at least once a week. 


Q: Does my dog need any equipment? 

A: Your dog MUST be wearing a collar and ID tag as the law requires it. Ideally your
dog will wear a ‘Y’ shaped harness with a front clip attachment, if you’d like to get
one but need recommendations please just ask. Your dog cannot go on the long line
without a ‘Y’ shaped harness. 

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