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Does your dog get distracted by dogs? Do they go deaf when they get a scent? Or try and avoid you at the end of the walk? This recall workshop could be just what you need. This is a 40 minute session at Hopewell Dog Field or Bowcliffe Enrichment Park with 1-2 other dog and handler teams. You’ll both be working towards a similar target and practising recalling and focus in a more difficult environment. You’ll be practising the techniques to perfect your dog recalling away from distractions.


This workshop is perfect for dogs who struggle to recall away from dogs, prey or other distractions but also for puppies and teenagers just starting to learn recall. The whole workshop is designed to set the dog up for success and modifications can be made on the day to suit your dog. Please be aware that this workshop is held in a private dog field but there will be other dogs, people and potentially livestock in neighbouring fields.

Image by Jamie Street
  • Practise recall in a more distracting environment
    with another dog present. 

  • You'll receive a work book filled with information we
    have gone through at the workshop and to help aid
    your progress at home.

  • Tailored techniques to help you and your dog achieve
    the best recall possible. 


More dates coming!


Bowcliffe Paddock
(Off Paradise Way)
LS23 6LP

Price is £20 per dog, if you'd like to bring two dogs youneed to book 2 spots.

Hopewell (Knaresborough) Dates: More dates coming!


Obedience Field 

Hopewell Dog Park



Q: Do I need any special equipment? 

A: Your dog must be wearing a well fitting ‘Y’ shaped harness, a collar
and tag and you must have a treat pouch with lots of tasty treats!


Q: Do I need to bring a long line?

A: If you have a preferred long line then absolutely, if not don’t worry
there will be spares to borrow. 


Q: My dog barks at other dogs and/or people can we attend this workshop?

A: Your dog may find this workshop overwhelming, get in touch here for a private recall workshop or a behaviour consultation if you’d like to work on your dogs reactions. 


Q: My dog doesn’t listen to me at all, can I attend this workshop?

A: Yes! We can discuss how to lay the foundations to have a perfect recall.


Q: Why are class sizes so small? 

A: This is so we can set each dog up for success, too many dogs would make for
a too distracting environment and we would likely have a lot of distracted dogs! 


Q: Why are workshops only 40 minutes long? 

A: Dogs learn best in short bursts, a session longer than 40 minutes, dogs would likely
struggle to remain focused and get distracted easier. We want to fill the session with
LOTS of wins and this works best in a shorter amount of time. 


Q: I’ve done your life skills package, can I attend this workshop?

A: Absolutely!! 


Q: How does sign up work? 

A: Use this form linked above to sign up. This ensures you meet all the criteria for the workshop before you pay. You’ll then receive a link to pay and book you preferred
date and time, if you'd like to enquire prior to using the form just drop me a message.

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