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Every wanted the perfect set up to practise your dogs reactivity training? This session does just that. No one understands what you’re working on like another reactive dog owner. Perfect your reactivity training skills with this guided workshop. We’ll chatting about timing, body language, treat delivery, when to create space and how to advocate. 


This session is designed for dogs who have already began their reactive recovery journey, you may have met a trainer before or completed an online course. This is to practise those skills in a controlled and safe environment. The space is ideal for creating distances behind your dog and their trigger and even has enough space to allow your dog to decompress. Please understand only positive reinforcement and force free only methods will be allowed during these session. This includes no
lead corrections (tugs on lead), prongs collars, shock collars or slip leads. A harness is preferred however a flat collar is also suitable. 

Image by Wade Austin Ellis
  • Practise your dogs reactivity training is a controlled 
    environment. Both dogs will be separated by a gate and have their own separate space to create distance and decompress
    if needed. 

  • You use the training methods you have already worked on
    but your session will be guided and we can refine and tweak methods if needs be. 

  • You'll be given advice on what to work on. 


Dates and availability:

Sunday 7th August  9.45am - 10.15am (2 spots available)

Sunday 14th August  9.45am - 10.15am (2 spots available)

Sunday 21st August  9.45am - 10.15am (2 spots available)

Price is £15 per dog, one dog per handler. Up to 2 Handlers.


Bowcliffe Paddock
(Off Paradise Way)
LS23 6LP


Q: Do I need any special equipment? 

A: Your dog must be wearing a well fitting ‘Y’ shaped harness, a collar
and tag and you must have a treat pouch with lots of tasty treats!


Q: Do I need to bring a long line?

A: If your dog works best with more space than yes have them on a long line, however they must be in control at all times and must not be allowed within 1 meter of the gate.


Q: My dog barks at other dogs and/or people can we attend this workshop?

A: Yes. This workshop is for reactive dogs, however, we try every possibility to ensure that dogs attending this workshop have an entirely positive experience meaning they have zero reaction. 


Q: We haven't done any training can we attend this workshop?

A: Unfortunately no, in order for this workshop to be successful you must of already have a training protocol in place for when you see a dog out and about. If you'd like a session to help you build that please do get in touch.


Q: Why are class sizes so small? 

A: This is so we can set each dog up for success, too many dogs would make for
a too distracting environment and we would likely have a lot of distracted dogs! 


Q: Why are workshops only 30 minutes long? 

A: Dogs learn best in short bursts, a session longer than 30 minutes your dog will become trigger stacked and react.


Q: We train using no positive methods can we still attend? 
A: This workshop is a positive reinforcement workshop only. I would be happy to chat to you and help you attempt your methods to become force free. Please feel free to get in touch.


Q: How does sign up work? 

A: Use the link above to sign up!

Q: My dog has to be muzzled can I attend this workshop?

A: Yes. Dogs will never be in the same space together and will always be separated. Even on entry and exit. I will be moving between the two spaces but please let me know if your dog will be uncomfortable with my presence. Please make sure your muzzle has plenty of pant room and they can eat and drink out of it.

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