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This new take on traditional obedience classes will set your dog up for success in their training. We’ll be covering a range of topics, practising all sorts of useful real world behaviours and then testing our skills in the final week. The first week starts online, giving you homework in order to have your dog ready to start the class the following week. 


The class sizes are small, and limited to 4 dogs per class, each class being 45 minutes long to ensure your dog doesn't get bored. This class is held in an outdoor secure field with plenty of space and areas to decompress should your dog require it. You will receive a training pack to help continue your work at home, along with some tasty freebies (for the pups!). 

  • Week 1 - (Self paced online learning) How to set our dogs
    up for success in class.

  • Week 2 - Ignoring distractions and focusing, preventing
    counter surfing and jumping up. 

  • Week 3 - Preventing problem behaviours.

  • Week 4 - Loose Lead Walking

  • Week 5 - Recall and Proximity

  • Week 6 - Interactions with other dogs


We'll be in touch!




Price is £115 per dog. Up to 2 handlers per dog.

There is maximum 4 dogs per class.


Bowcliffe Paddock
(Off Paradise Way)
LS23 6LP


Q: Do I need any special equipment? 

A: Your dog must be wearing a well fitting ‘Y’ shaped harness, a collar
and tag and you must have a treat pouch with lots of tasty treats!


Q: Do I need to bring a long line?

A: If you have a preferred long line then absolutely, if not don’t worry
there will be spares to borrow. 


Q: My dog barks at other dogs and/or people can we attend this workshop?

A: Your dog may find this class overwhelming, get in touch here for a private recall workshop or a behaviour consultation if you’d like to work on your dogs reactions. 


Q: My dog doesn’t listen to me at all, can I attend this class?

A: Yes! We can discuss how to lay the foundations to have a perfect focus.


Q: Why are class sizes so small? 

A: This is so we can set each dog up for success, too many dogs would make for
a too distracting environment and we would likely have a lot of distracted dogs! 


Q: Why are classes only 45 minutes long? 

A: Dogs learn best in short bursts, a session longer than 45 minutes, dogs would likely
struggle to remain focused and get distracted easier. We want to fill the session with
LOTS of wins and this works best in a shorter amount of time. 


Q: I’ve trained with you before can I attend this class?

A: Absolutely!! 


Q: How does sign up work? 

A: Just use the link above to sign up and pay! If you'd like to enquire prior to using the form just drop me a message. 

Q: How does the online learning work?

A: The first week of class you'll receive a link to access the online portal, there you'll find the
week 1 presentation on how to set your dog up for success in the class and a bunch of
useful handouts.

Q: How old does my dog have to be?

A: 6 months plus

Q: Can any breed attend?

A: Yes! Any breed that isn't part of the banned breed list.

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