Rethink Recall


Rethink Recall is designed to reshape how you think about recall, over the course of several videos and training games we'll break down the behaviours needed to carry out a recall, how to practise these behaviours and then we'll join them back together to create the best recall ever! This training method is great for any dog, including puppies, high prey drive dogs and non-food motivated dogs. When you sign up to this course you will receive a Rethink Recall training pack in the post which includes a handy work book and progress tracker. These will help aid your training and is great for those who enjoy printed visuals as well as online information. The course is X videos long and is self paced so you can take your time, take pauses when you need to and practise one skill as much as you feel necessary before moving on to the next.

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Maddie Hartley
Maddie Hartley



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