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Back to basics sessions are a pay as you go one to one training programme designed for those with busy lives or may not want to commit to a whole training programme straight away, or you may just have a few training questions and simply want a one off session.


These 50 minute sessions are held in local parks and are perfect for recall, focus, loose lead, puppy socialisation, over excitement to people, over excitement to dogs, outdoor settle or you may simply have lots of questions about your new rescue dog or new puppy. These sessions are flexible and focus on what you want to focus on, but remember we only have 50 minutes! 


These sessions are not for aggression, resource guarding, complex reactivity, separation anxiety or other anxieties. Should you bring any concerns regarding these up in the session
I will refer you to more appropriate resources for those concerns.


Turn up
and train!

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Follow the link and select a time and
park that suits you.

Image by Camylla Battani

Fill out the questionnaire with
as much detail as possible.

Puppy socialisation 
New rescue questions

New puppy questions
Loose Lead Walking
Leave it and Drop it
Jumping Up
Outdoor Settle/Pub Skills

Over  Excitement



Q: Where are the parks?
A: The parks are all based in North Leeds, here are the locations along with the What Three Words Locations (///):
- Bedquilts, Adel (meeting point main bedquilts carpark on Adel Lane)
- Horsforth Hall Park, Horsforth (meeting point the smaller carpark near the children’s play area off Hall Lane)
- Beckett Park, Headingley (meeting point at the entrance to Beckett Park at the bottom of Batcliffe Drive where it meets St Chads Drive)


- Meanwood Park, Meanwood (The main Meanwood Park car park by the cafe)


Q: I have two dogs/my friend would like to join us for the session with their dog, can you do a double session?

A: f you'd both like to work on the same behaviour and there are handlers for each dog I can offer a paired session. Please get in touch directly to book this.

Q: What do I need to bring?

Your dog! Plenty of treats and their favourite toy, if you'd like to work on a settle then a mat would be great. But don't worry if you don't have one. 


Q: Do I need to book regularly?

A: Nope! These sessions can be used as regularly or as one off sessions. 


Q: Does my dog need any equipment? 

A: Your dog MUST be wearing a collar and ID tag as the law requires it. Ideally your
dog will wear a ‘Y’ shaped harness with a front clip attachment, if you’d like to get
one but need recommendations please just ask. Your dog cannot go on the long line
without a ‘Y’ shaped harness. 

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